Urban Tour Dubai

Our company "Iterra" visited properties of such major developers as

• EMAAR Properties.
• DAMAC Properties.
• Nakheel Properties.
• Select Group.
• Omniyat Group.
• Sobha Realty.
• Ahad Development.

Our team visited ME Dubai Hotel is located in a complex in Opus, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in the Burj Khalifa district, close to Dubai's business centre. Exploring the balance between solid and void, opaque and transparent, interior and exterior, the hotel's design was created by Zaha Hadid in 2007. It is the only hotel for which she has created both architecture and interiors

The double-glazed windows are UV-coated and mirror frit to reduce solar gain. This spot pattern emphasises the clarity of the building's orthogonal shape and at the same time dissolves its volume through the continuous play of light. During the day, the facade of the cube reflects the sky, the sun and the surrounding city; while at night, the void is enhanced by the dynamic illumination created within each glass panel by individually controlled LEDs. The 6,000 square metre façade is created from 4,300 individual single or double curved flat glass units. The high-performance glazing units consist of 8mm Low-E glass (internally coated), a 16mm cavity between the panes and 2 layers of clear 6mm glass with a 1.52mm PVB polymer laminate. The complex curved façade was designed using 3D digital modelling, which also identified the specific areas that required toughened glass.

В отеле ME Dubai — 74 номера и 19 люксов. На всей территории отеля установлена мебель Zaha Hadid Design, в том числе диваны изготовлены из материалов, обеспечивающих длительный жизненный цикл, и их компоненты могут быть переработаны. В каждой спальне установлены кровати Opus и диван Work & Play с письменным столом. В спальнях отеля представлена коллекция ванных комнат Vitae, разработанная Хадид в 2015 году для Noken.

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